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Persephone G. Karabati

Date of passing: 
7 Nov 2015
Persephone Karabati passed away on Saturdy, 7 November, 2015 at the age of 46.
Persephone joined the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle in early 1994 on a research scholarship. With postgraduate diplomas in both History and Museology, a polyglot, with skills in digital technology, she served us for 21 years in the dual capacity of a historian and a museologist. She produced work of quality in both fields: scientific publications in modern history and museological studies for permanent and temporary exhibitions.
Her initiatives transformed the Museum. She put the educational activities at the center, strived for quality, favoured cooperation, opened up the Museum to people, first of all to children. She was a responsible, sensitive and active woman, a true professional and posessed a character of integrity. She tried to revive the story and the tale of the Macedonian Struggle in every possible way, adding something of her own romantic nature to it.
We shall miss her enormously…
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