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Pavlos Melas. A Man of his Time

Pavlos Melas. A Man of his Time
From the archive of Natalia Ioannidis

Editors: Persephone Karabati - Vassilios Nikoltsios
The publication is a historical Album, which, through texts, previously unpublished photographs and documents, sketches the life of the emblematic hero of the Macedonian Struggle. The photographic material was drawn from the archive of Natalia Ioannidis, the maternal granddaughter of Pavlos Melas.
The texts and the illustrations of the Album offer the reader an opportunity to embark on a long journey, departing from Marseilles (where it follows Melas' childhood through rare photographs with embellished with artistic logos), and making the passage to Athens (where the family eventually settles). The reader follows Melas through public and private spaces of the time, the Hellenic Army Academy, his military career and his involvement with the National Company until his participation in the Greco-tourkish war of 1897. His mission into Macedonia follows, from his involvement in the first armed confrontations and until his tragic death.
The Album also includes texts and other material documenting the impact of his death, transforming a enthusiastic patriot to a symbol of an entire nation.


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